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Class A 2-3

Kamptal – goodbye after 36 years REGISTRATION CLOSED

Last weekend of September 1987: my first hike for the Club (Slovakia, still behind the Iron Curtain). Last Sunday of September 2023: my last hike as an official hike leader, with a more accessible location. Over a glass of wine at the finish, we can dig up old memories with 36 of my photos handed round in pre-beamer Annual General Meeting style.

Along the Kamp from Gobelsburg station via Zöbing to Schönberg am Kamp.

Österreichische Karte 1:50,000 NM 33-11-18 Langenlois.

Heilgenstadt station hall by 12.50. Train to Krems leaves 13.10. Get a day return to Schönberg am Kamp.

By 18.00 or 19.00 to Heiligenstadt.

Day return full fare EU 40.90. You can save money by grouping for Einfach Raus tickets.

By 19 September to the hike leader. Maximum number of participants: 18 (36 legs). Priority to members.

No lunch stop – have an early lunch at home or bring sandwiches.

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