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Class A A 2 1/2, contemplative walk

Vienna's Central Cemetery

Description: From gate 2 (main entrance) walk along honorary graves of musicians (Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms), renowned physicians (Billroth, Adler), actors (Askin, Hedy Lamarr), painters (Amerling, Makart) towards the cemetery church (art nouveau), more recent honorary graves (pop stars like Falco or chanconnier Udo Jürgens), pass by monuments of victims of resistance and revolutions, a special baby site, cut accross the Park for Peace, and return to gate 2. Relaxing and coffee (meals also available) in Café Oberlaa.

Route: As above

Map: Map of central cemetery, available at the entrance

Meet: At 11 a.m. at gate 2; take U3 to Simmering, then tram 6 or 71 to gate 2 (2. Tor).

Return: At about 1:30 to gate 2

Cost: Public transport tickets, guest fee EUR 3.-

Registration: By Thursday, 14 December

Note: In order to make enough reservations please indicate when registrating whether you want to join the group in Cafe Oberlaa

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