Map and compass courses 2019

What’s the point of using map and compass? There are all sorts of walking aids, from the good old marked routes and guidebooks to an ever-increasing range of digital apps.

The point is making your own way – doing your own cooking instead of consuming convenience food. Making your own way through a landscape stimulates your awareness of and curiosity about the world we live in. And there’s a practical reason: mountain rescuers will tell you that the absence of basic map and compass skills regularly gets people in serious trouble.

The weekend course starts with an introduction to map and compass and some simple orientation exercises near Vienna on Saturday afternoon; on Sunday we go further afield for an exploration of unmarked routes, with participants taking the lead, and some cross-country walking on a compass course.

If you are interested in the course, which has attracted Club members from Austria to Zambia and from Canada to China, click here to contact us. You will then receive some basic information. Courses are held from late March to late October, for one or two participants. Dates by mutual agreement. The course is cost-free for Club members and associates. Non-members pay € 30 (for payment details, see ‘Membership and guest fees’ under ‘Club’ – mention ‘Map and compass course’ under ‘Verwendungszweck’) For which they will also get a Club membership!