Newsletter Summer 2019

Dear hikers and bikers,
It is end June, summer finally arrived powerfully, and it is time to get rid of the winter stiffness of body and mind and get out of Vienna to enjoy the fresh air, colours and smells of nature. Some of us just walked 120 km Wien – Mariazell, and our shoes and feet are definitely warmed up for more hiking.
The spring and summer programme ( of the VIC hiking club is already packed with activities led by our dedicated hike leaders. It is a dynamic programme, and new hikes are added during the season, so make it a habit to keep an eye on the programme. There is something for every taste and mood.

Looking for members and hike leaders
Help us stay active and share your good experiences with friends and colleagues who are interested in hiking. We are not only for VIC employees and retirees, but also for other internationally oriented English speaking people interested in hiking. So please spread the word and let the community grow.

New maximum
Some of the easier hikes are very popular, and to avoid spending the whole day on buying train tickets and having lunch, we have a new generic maximum number of participants for A hikes of 20, and a new maximum for B and C hikes of 15. However, it is always up to the hike leader of the particular hike to define the maximum number of participants.

Update contact info
When we send group mails to our members, we do receive a substantial number of mails back… If you have changed your e- mail address and you wish to be contactable by email, please update your contact information by e-mailing

And finally, always make sure you are fit and fed on the day of a hike. Although hiking is healing and healthy, your day shape needs to be at its best.

See you out there!
Your contact person