26th July 2017: Evening Bike - around the Bisamberg

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 25km, flat(ish)

A gentle, relatively flat bike ride once around the Bisamberg, visiting a Heuriger at the end in Stammersdorf.

U6 Neue Donau – Strebersdorf – Langenzersdorf – Bisamberg – Hagenbrunn – Stammersdorf

Neue Donau – Stammersdorf is about 25km. Total elevation gain not more than 200m. Some small inclines, but nothing steep. Mainly bike paths and small roads. Occasionally unsurfaced paths and cobblestones.

Something to get you back from Stammersdorf to wherever you want to get to…

By the U6 Neue Donau exit by the bridge over the river at 6pm.
Note that it is normally not allowed to take your bike on the underground trains at this time. Sometimes it works, but sometimes you might not be allowed. If you cannot ride there, you can take the Schnellbahn to Floridsdorf, and from there it is about a 5 minute ride.

We should be in Stammersdorf by 8pm at the latest. Leave once we’re finished in the heuriger…
After the heuriger, you’ll have to ride to a train station/underground station/back home. Closest station is probably Floridsdorf or Leopoldau, both about 6km (in addition to the 25km).

Yes please, by 25th July.

Bring some water and lights, and preferably a basic repair kit and pump. And of course a bike in good condition. Don’t drink too much wine at the heuriger if you are cycling home…

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