June 5: Photowalk - Socializing at Strombad Kritzendorf HIKE FULLY BOOKED

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 2-3

Strombad Kritzendorf is a large summerhouse settlement in the riverside forest along the Danube. Fascinating do-it-yourself architecture, partly dating back to the early 20th century. After the long lockdown our photowalk theme will be ‘socializing’ in this interesting setting. SEE NOTES below.

Kritzendorf station – Kritzendorfer Au – Strombad Kritzendorf – Kritzendorf station.

Not needed. You can check the location on Google Maps/Open Street Map.

14.30, in front of Heiligenstadt station. Get a day return to Kritzendorf (NOT Unter-Kritzendorf).Train to St. Pölten leaves 14.45.

To Heiligenstadt around 20.00 after early dinner at Kritzendorf.

EU 9.30 full train fare.

To the hike leader by May 30. Maximum of 6 participants; priority to members (non-members can be put on a waiting list).

- Participants submit their own selection of a maximum of 8 pictures to the hike leader, who will prepare the album for Flickr. Photos must show a social activity (no posed shots, no pics of other participants): people pushing prams, cycling, playing, chatting over the garden fence, etc. Respect people’s privacy!
- COVID regulations permitting, we will have an early dinner (around 18.00 hrs) at the local Gasthaus (traditional Austrian cooking, few vegetarian options) by the Danube. Hike leader will confirm this on May 30. You MUST register your interest in dinner with the hike leader and follow the COVID rules with regard to entry testing.

Registered: 8

  • Jelena
  • Kamelia Dimitrova
  • Patricia Comanescu
  • David
  • Kees netelvrees
  • Evelyn Hesp
  • Isabelle
  • Ivana Vujosevic

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