Saturday 25 Sept, grape picking

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 10

Dears, this is not a frits hike, but it is grape picking wth Albert. Plse DONOT register in the normal way, but plse register directly by email to Albert, see below:

Grape harvest Saturday 25th September, 8 AM – 6 PM, W(ine)10

You are invited to join for a day of hard work in the grape harvest, a once in a lifetime nice experience. We help a wine farmer in Strebersdorf near the Bisamberg. Equipment as cissors and gloves is available. It starts point 8 o’clock in Strebersdorf. I will tell you the exact location which can also be reached by public transport (abt 50 minutes from the city center or 25 minutes by car) after your registration. At abt. 12.30 we will have a good meal, mostly salmon, from the farmer who was a chef in a former life. At abt. 2 PM we start for the second part until dark before you can collect a bottle of similar wine of the one that you helped to harvest. In the mean time you can learn all about grapes, their illnesses, the animals who like to eat them etc. In between you can ask the farmer about the wine making process.
Of course, you must be fit and able to stand for a longer time. Be well dressed: cloths can become dirty, in the morning and evening it can be quite cold. And take drinks and some snacks if you like. You can send your registration in a direct email to Albert Pappenheim: pappenheim@chello.at. You will then get a mail with additional information.

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  • Maliekal Paul

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