September 4 : Recreating the "first" club hike: Rodaun, to Hinterbrühl

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 5

Description: Celebrating 50 years with hikes and a dinner; several hikes will take place on that weekend.
the hike below will take place on September 4th and is a historical hike: On Sunday, 6 June 1971, the first hike of the VIC Hiking Club (at that time UNIDO Hiking Club) took place. We shall follow the same route, from Rodaun, to Hinterbrühl. The entire route will take 5 hours, there is also a possibility to join a shorter version, that will be 3 hours.
Hike leaders will be Zana Konecni and Christine Colella

Route: Rodaun – Parapluiberg – Kugelwiese – Seewiese – Höllenstein – Wassergspreng – Weissenbach – Hinterbrühl – Mödling

Map: Wienerwald Atlas, sheets 14, 20 and 21

Meet: At 10 a.m. at Rodaun, terminal of tram 60; The tram 60 leaves from U4 Hietzing and it takes about 30 minutes to Rodaun

Return: By bus and train from Hinterbrühl/Mödling, late afternoon

Cost: Vienna public transport and bus; Gasthaus; picknick also possible

Registration: By 1 September

Note: Bring rainwear, snacks and drinks

Registered: 24

  • Patricia Comanescu
  • Magdalena Momberg
  • Paul Amhoff
  • helene
  • Margaret and Kevin
  • Pernille
  • Stephanie
  • Judith Kobusingye
  • Emil
  • Zoch christine
  • Rebecca Stevens
  • Andrea
  • Meital & Limor
  • Virginia Tsapaki
  • Grahsl Marlies
  • Zana
  • Belikse Ramljak
  • Eithne
  • Ann Emery
  • Jim and Bianka
  • Lauren
  • Herta Kaschitz-Wuestenhagen
  • Gabriela Mihalcea
  • Eva Bitzikanos

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