Sunday 14 October 2018: Knofelebengraben Scramble & Repast

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 6+

*Description:*A VIC hiking club favorite by the Schneeberg. The hike starts with a climb of over 700m, scrambling at times over loose rock and areas secured with metal cables. The effort is well rewarded by lunch at the Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben (former Friedrich Haller Haus). Continuing, we pass through the Eng (more rocks and cables) and the village of Schneedoerfl, finishing at the train station in Payerbach-Reichenau.

*Route:*Kaiserbrunn (527m) – Miesleiten – Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben (1250m) – Eng – Schneedoerfl – Payerbach Reichenau (494m)

*Map:*Freytay & Bernd WK022 (Semmering, Rax, Schneeberg, Schneealpe) 1:50000, Kompass 228 Karte 2 Wiener Hausberge

Meet: 08:15 Wien Meidling Bahnhof (ticket machines)
R2317 at 08:37 to Payerbach-Reichenau Bahnhof (arrive 10:08)
Bus 1746 at 10:18 to Kaiserbrunn (arrive 10:35)

*Return:*17:55 Payerbach-Reichenau Bahnhof (arrive 19:23)

*Cost:*55 Euros per 5 people for an Einfach Raus Ticket, plus bus fare (4 Euros), plus lunch money

*Registration:*By October 12.

*Note:*The hike requires stamina, so good physical condition is required. The pace will be moderate. Good hiking boots with ankle support is a necessity. Bring along water, snacks, clothes for unpredictable weather, and a headlamp.

Registered: 10

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