Wednesday 13 June 2018: Bisamberg

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: 2

*Description:*The Bisamberg offers a nice landscape with woods, fields, vineyards and wine-cellars. The actual route will be determined according to the weather conditions.

*Route:*Strebersdorf – Bisamberg – Strebersdorf

*Map:*Freytag&Berndt “Wienerwald Atlas” sheet 2

*Meet:*6.00 p.m. Strebersdorf, terminus tram 26

*Return:*Strebersdorf tram 26

*Cost:*Public transport

*Registration:*By Tuesday 12 June

*Note:*At the end of the hike we can visit a Heurigen

Registered: 3

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