April 22 - Wheeleasy Wride

Corona: Please follow the recommendations of the alpine associations of Austria, English translation on ACV (Alpine Club Vienna)

Hike Leader: Class: Super easy/easy/beginner

Whether you have been riding year round or are still trying to find your bike in the Keller, this ride is for you! We will meet in centre of a Stephansplatz and meander from there. Note that this will be 3 rides in one:
1. 10km – very easy ride in the innerstadt with a few stops to discuss biking in Austria for newbies and bikes in general.
2. +10km – easy ride further afield in which the speed and pace will increase but still in the beginner realm. This ride will stop at/near an U-Bahn in case you want to stop but not ride home.
3. +10km – beginner ride a little faster and further again with a return to the innerstadt.
If you are an experienced rider, consider coming along because I like to pair newbies with old-pros. If you are an old-pro thinking of coming out, take a read of my 2014 blog which I use as the basis for my beginner rides: http://myorgbio.org/riding-bikes/.
As for the route, I have a good intention in my minds eye but it is doubtful that our actual route will bear any resemblance to this initial plan. Nevertheless, if you can pick up this INCREDIBLE resource from your local bike shop. https://www.wien.gv.at/english/transportation-urbanplanning/cycling/cycling-map.html.
As a recap, here are the details:
Where to meet: Stephenplatz – Dead Centre looking at the church at 0900h. We will be the ones in spandex and holding onto bikes.
Cost: zip, nada, zilch, nuttin’ (for members, non-member rates apply).
Registration please register and let me know whether you will be doing the 10/20/30km rides.
Please make sure you have a well-maintained bike. If you are not sure your bike is well maintained, it probably is not, take it to a bikeshop. Citybike’s can be used on the 1st 10km section – but be prepared to get a good work out!

  • Note helmets are mandatory ***

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  • Phrank - Da Leader!

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