Bicycle trips

Verify your bicycle some days before the tour; bring a spare tube, repair kit, a pump, a HELMET. Cycling clothes and raingear, gloves, water/drinks/snacks, a bag for the bicycle well fixed.

Please make sure that your bicycle is in good condition! Take a reserve inner tube! Do not bring bicycles with small wheels. Bikes can be taken on trains marked with the bicycle symbol (buy a Fahrradmitnahmekarte), in any direction. For transportation on Intercity trains marked with the bicycle symbol, advance reservation is recommended (for ticket prices, see and Those who have a VorteilsCard pay less. A detailed brochure on transportation of bicycles is available at major train stations. Information, advice, bike routes, maps etc. can be obtained from: ARGUS Fahrradb├╝ro, A1040 Vienna, Frankenberggasse 11, Telephone: 50 50 907.

BICYCLE INSURANCE: Interested persons may wish to consult the web pages of OEAMTC or ARGUS Fahrradb├╝ro .

Schlosshof 24