Snow Shoe Hikes (SSH)

You do not have to have experience with Snow Shoe Hikes (SSH), you learn it in 5 minutes. However good physical condition is a prerequisite ! Because SSH’s heavily depend on the weather and the amount of snow, the hikes are not fixed in the programme, but organized ad hoc, last minute. If you are on Frits’ mailing list you will receive an e-mail on a Tuesday or a Wednesday for a SSH on the upcoming weekend and you can let him know whether you participate or not. To be included in Frits’ e-mail list, please register with him directly (e-mail:


  • Normal hiking boots
  • warm hiking clothing (layers), also against snow/snowstorm incl. good gloves, cap, etc.
  • gaiters or ski or rain trousers to prevent that snow penetrates into your socks and melts
  • a hand lamp or a head lamp
  • warm tea, lunch/snack
  • snow shoes and poles (please bring poles, you will slow down the whole group if you snowshoehike without poles!!! Normal hiking poles, not the long cross country poles.)

Snow shoes:

Rent: You can rent them from Alpenverein, Naturfreunde or Österreischicher Touristenclub if you are a member of these organizations, but usually they have nothing left, so better is to rent them from Bergfuchs or at Schwanda. Reservation by telephone in advance essential, get on Friday, bring back on Monday.

  • Bergfuchs, Kaiserstrasse 15 , near Westbahnhof, tel 523 96 98, , costs about 20 euro per weekend
  • Schwanda, Bäckerstrasse 7 ,tel 512 53 20, Schwanda , costs about 20 euro per weekend.
  • Alpenverein Edelweiss, Walfischgasse 12. Telefon: 513 85 00, costs < 10 euro per weekend.
  • Alpenverein Austria, Rotenturmstraße 14 Telefon: 513 10 03, costs < 10 euro per weekend.
  • Alpenverein Gebirgsverein, Lerchenfelder Straße 28, Tel: 405 26 57, costs < 10 euro per weekend.
  • Naturfreunde, Viktoriagasse 6, 1150 Wien, Tel. 892 35 34-0, costs < 10 euro per weekend.
  • ÖTK, 1010 Wien, Bäckerstraße 16, tel 512 38 44-0, costs < 10 euro per weekend.

Buy: If you buy snow shoes, take care that the combination of your hiking boots and snow shoes really fits well, take care that the spikes underneath the snow shoes are of good quality and give enough grip, take care that the bindings are of high quality, take care that the size of the snow shoes is in relation to your weight. Rule of thumb: fair or good quality € 150-300, poor quality less than € 150. Best brand is Tubbs. At Bergfuchs or Schwanda, see above.