Travelling on Austrian trains

If you travel more than 1,500 km a year it is recommended to buy a VORTEILSCARDS card; it costs EUR.. 99,90/year (EUR.. 26,90 for retirees as of the age of 60) and entitles you to a 45-50 percent reduction on all train rides in Austria. 50% reduction if you order the ticket over the Internet or you buy it at a ticket machine (available at the train stations), 45% if you buy the ticket at the ticket counter. If you are a member of any of the alpine associations (see below) you can order the VorteilsCard through them with a 20% reduction. Please inquire directly with the associations.

Train tickets: If you hold a ticket or weekly/monthly/yearly card for the Vienna public transportation system (Wiener Linien) you buy the train ticket from and to Stadtgrenze instead of from and to Vienna. The Stadtgrenze (border of town) is the zone up to which your tram ticket is valid. Most hike leaders indicate which train tickets you should buy, the name of the Stadtgrenze is indicated in parenthesis, so that you can find it more easily on the ticket machines. If you buy the ticket at the counter you can just ask “from and to Stadtgrenze”. For trains leaving from Südbahnhof the Stadtgrenze is “Wien-Liesing”, for trains leaving from Westbahnhof the Stadtgrenze is “Wien-Purkersdorf Sanatorium”.

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