Hikeleader Beatrice Lilholt

Class B /C 5

Markt Piesting - Alkersdorf - Waldegg

Description: Gutensteiner Alpen have already “mounten” character and is wonderful for nature and views

Route: From Markt Piesting we will go up on red “Piesingtaler Rundwanderweg” 231 to Alkersdorf (lunch in Gasthaus Blutalm) and then on 231 and 01 A down to Waldegg

Map: F & B Wiener Hausberge 13

Meet: At 8.30 Meidling station ticket office Train direction Gutenstein leaves at 8.47 (Hauptbahnhof 8.41) Buy ticket to Markt Piesting from Stadtgrenze Back: from Waldegg (Piesting) to Stadtgrenze Vienna

Return: By 18.30 Vienna

Cost: Public transport Vienna and from Stadtgrenze (Liesing) to Markt Piesting (direct train from Vienna) and back from Waldegg/Triesting to Stadtgrenze Vienna.

Registration: by 30. 09.23 to hike leader via this web page


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