Hikeleader Marie-Luise Lewandowsky

Class A A/B 4,5

Sopron-Karlshöhe-Kertvaros,DO NOT FORGET PASSPORT

Description: easy hike in the Sopron area,one steep ascent ,with a viewing tower,
Zsuzsa,a hungarian lady ,will help us,
we will also visit a former monastery,which is now used as a hotel,
we will have lunch at about 3 p.m. in a Sopron restaurant

Route: Sopron station-Karoly magaslat(Karlshöhe)viewing tower,there we can make picnic or can get some snacks and drinks in the cafe-Kertvaros(Sopronbanfalva),monastery(now hotel)-Sopron,restaurant near the station

Map: city map of Sopron with surroundings

Meet: Wien, Bahnhof Meidling(U and S) 8:15 a.m.,near ticket office.
Be in time to form groups of 5 persons for Einfach-Raus-tickets.
We take the train REX6 direction to Deutschkreutz,dep 8:31,arr 9:37 in Sopron

Return: propably 6:29 p.m. in Vienna(dep of train in Sopron is 5:23,)or one hour later

Cost: entrance fee for viewing tower 500 Forint,entrance fee for monastery 1000 Forint(I can change you for entrance fees) plus about 12 EURO for Einfach-Raus-ticket per person,lunch can be paid in EURO,but if you have Forint,take them with you.There is also an ATM for Forint at the Sopron station.

Registration: by Friday 15 March, maximum 20 persons,or waiting list

Note: passport,good shoes,drinks and snacks

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