Hikeleader Alen Siljak

Class D 7

Dürre Wand, 1223m, (Reichental to Puchberg am Schneeberg)

Another winter hike, preparation for the warm season. Brisk pace mountaineering tour. For experienced, sure-footed hikers. Heart for adventure required. Good physical fitness.
The hike is not technically challenging but the pace will be above average.
There is one open hut in the later part of the hike where we would have lunch. Bring own meal just in case.
Clothes according to the weather forecast.
Forecast: Puchberg.

7h, 20km, up 1,020m, down 850m

Reichental – Plattenstein (1154m) – Katharinenschlag (1223m) – Öhler (1184m) – Puchberg am Schneeberg


07:20 Floridsdorf 07:33 – 09:13 Reichental
The CJX9 train passes through all the stations in the city, you can hop into the first car at your convenience.

Puchberg am Schneeberg 15:36 – Wien
Trains every hour.

Transport, dining at a hut.

For email and Signal communication.

Gear: sticks, head lamp, whistle, first-aid, survival kit, crampons. Good quality hiking equipment.
ÖBB app for the transport tickets, or Einfach Raus for groups.
Notifications will be sent via email latest the day before. Please double-check your spam folder.
Real-time communication and photo sharing via Signal. I will use the mobile numbers you register with.
Please familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for hiking in a group on the site and the hike grades.

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